Wellcome to RightMech 

        Shandong Rightmech Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the research and development, production and sales of automation equipment. It is a company specialized in providing automation solutions for users' factories.

RightMech R& D personnel have more than 10 years of automation equipment design, the industry level of the top three, every year to undertake more than 200 user automation production equipment design.

The company's core products include: optical fiber cutting machine, stainless steel sheet production line, air compressor equipment, etc., with a number of invention patents.

The after-sales service team has more than 8 years of experience in automatic mechanical equipment and laser cutting equipment, and provides technical consultation and after-sales support for users 24 hours a day.


What Our Customer Say About Us

  • "The machine with the protective casing looks environmentally friendly, and it not only protects the machine itself, but also ensures the safety of our operation itself."