Yaskawa servo moto

Laser Features

Yaskawa Electric is a professional manufacturer in the field of motion control. It is the first company in Japan to be a servo motor. Its products are known for their stability and speed, and they are cost-effective. They are the world's largest sales and the most used servo brands in the industry. In China, Yaskawa has occupied the largest market share for many years.

Yaskawa servo motor advantages: 

1.Accuracy: realizes closed-loop control of position, speed and torque; overcomes the problem of stepping motor out of step; 

2.Rotating speed: high speed performance, general rated speed can reach 2000~3000 rpm; 

3.Adaptability: high strong anti-overload capability, load three times the rated torque, suitable for occasions with transient load fluctuations and fast start required 

4.Stable: smooth operation at low speed, no stepping operation similar to stepper motor when running at low speed. 

5.Timeliness: dynamics of motor acceleration and deceleration with short time, generally within tens of milliseconds; 

6.Comfort: Significantly reduced heat and noise.