Protective cover

Laser Parts advantage

l  More safe

Fully enclosed design, European CE standard protective glass.

l  More environmentally friendly

Cutting produces internal dust filtration treatment, up to standard discharge, no pollution.

l  More stable

It has a better stability with the entire bed weighs 10 tons.

When the fiber laser cutter is working for us, we should also protect it. Protecting it can keep the  laser cutting machine in a good state in daily use. There is a most basic protection to equip the laser cutter with a protective cover in order to improve efficiency for production.The protective cover of laser cutting machine has the characteristics of strict structure, reasonable, no noise, large stroke, fast movement and long service life.

In fact, installing a protective cover for the laser cutting machine not only protects the laser cutting machine, but also protects the safety of the operator during production, improves the safety factor. In addition, it can prevent the dust generated by the cutting from leak out to ensure the cleanliness of the work area.

For safety protection, in order to produce efficiently, the most important thing is the daily safe maintenance and maintenance of the equipment; it can not only extend the service life of the machine, but also maintain and improve the processing quality of the product, and finally achieve stable high efficiency.