Raytools Nozzles

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How choose single or double layers  nozzles 

The single-layer nozzle is used for melting and cutting, and nitrogen is used as an auxiliary gas for cutting stainless steel and aluminum plates. The single-layer nozzle of 1.4-3.0mm can be used for efficient cutting.


The double-layer nozzle is used for oxidative cutting, with oxygen as auxiliary gas, for cutting carbon steel, and the 1.5-3.0mm double-layer nozzle can be used for efficient cutting.


Cutting nozzle caliber selection

1.Thin plates below 3mm, suitable for nozzles within 1.0mm.

2.3mm-10mm thick plate cutting, suitable for 1.5mm nozzle.

3.When cutting plates of 10mm or more, nozzles of 2mm or more can be selected.