Smoke Purifier

Laser Parts advantage

In industrial production, especially in steel and other heavy industries, cutting and other operations are indispensable important processes, and a large amount of soot is generated during the operation. Therefore, laser smoke purifiers have become popular in collecting and purifying soot.


There are two ways to clean laser cutting smoke: the traditional method is installing an exhaust duct. Install a suction port in the place where the laser cutting produces smoke, and discharge the smoke through the pipe. The second method is installing the latest environmentally friendly products, laser smoke purifier. The traditional method of venting the air is to discharge the smoke to the outside, which is polluted by the surrounding environment. The laser smoke purifier purifies the smoke through the interior and does not need to be discharged outside. Secondly, the exhaust pipe exhausting is not complete, which will cause occupational diseases, but the laser smoke purifier purification rate is as high as 99%.