• RightMech OEM Focusing & Collimating Lens

    $ 420.00 USD from $ 360.00 USD

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Product description

       RigthMech have different kinds of focus lens and collimating lens. WXS, Raytools, Precitec ect, from diameter 25.4-42mm all have. All the lens high quality. Customer can choose original parts. also can choose deputy factory products. 

Technical Data

Material:High Purity Fused Silica

Optional Diameter:25.4/28/38.1/42/50 mm

Optional Focal Length:75/80/100/125/150/200 mm

Application: Precitec /Raytools/Hans Laser head

Shape:1st Convex-Convex; 2nd Concave-Convex.


2x znse lens

Shipping Times:

Standard shipping 7-12 working days from China to USA by USPS

Expedited Shipping 4-5 wroking days from China to USA by DHL, Fedex or UPS.




focus lens and collimating lens.png

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