inverter compressor saving energy

12, 2020

by Max

Most users know that the inverter Air compressor to save electricity and energy than power frequency compressor, but many people don’t know why the inverter compressor energy saving.

Now let’s explore the secret of inverter compressor saving energy!


Using Soft starting system to save electric

The common screw machine use Star-delta switching starter, because the electric current is large once starting, so the contactor damage rate will be increased.

We provided machine equip with inverter soft starting system. The controllable silicon SCR device triggers the control circuit or limits the current after the motor starts.


Saving electric

The motor is still idling after the power frequency air compressor is filled with air, and it can be shut down for about 10 minutes. The specific shutdown time needs to be determined according to the no-load rate of the equipment. The higher the no-load rate, the greater the waste, the longer the shutdown time.


Constant-voltage  Saving electric

The pressure of Power frequency machine climbing 6kg-8kg, 2kg differential pressure loss is 7%, and permanent magnet inverter air compressor can automatically adjust frequency and supply gas at constant pressure. It can as much gas as it needs for users. If the air consumption is less, the permanent magnet machine will stop automatically when it is full of gas, which can avoid idling waste.


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