Product description

This machine come with imported famous parts, and easy-to-learn Cypcut software. This machine cutting precision is up to 0.01mm, with speed up to 140m/min. It is the best choice for 1kw-3kw users to manufacture economically. The machine mainly applies for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, titanium and other metal sheet.

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Model Working area Laser Output Power Max Speed Repeat Repositioning Accuracy Accuracy of Positioning
RM-FM3015 3000x1500mm 1kw-3kw 120m/min ±0.03mm ±0.02mm
RM-FM4015 4000x1500mm 1kw-3kw 120m/min ±0.03mm ±0.02mm

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Product advantage

Cast aluminum beam

Cast aluminum beam

More Details

l High precision

After artificial aging, solution treatment and finishing, crossbeam owns good integrity, rigidity, surface quality, toughness and ductility.

l  High speed

Aluminum alloy’s metal characteristics of light weight and strong rigidity are helpful to high speed movement in processing, and high flexibility is beneficial to high-speed cutting of various graphics based on high accuracy

l  More efficient

Light crossbeam can give equipment a high operation speed, improving processing efficiency to ensure processing quality.

Welding bed

More Details

l  High strength, not easily deformed

The following features ensure that the bed will not be deformed for 20 years like high strength, good stability and strong tensile strength.


l  More stable

The rectangular tube has a wall thickness of 10 mm and the entire body weighs 4,500 kg.

Welding bed of the fiber laser cutter
stand-alone electric control cabinet

stand-alone electric control cabinet

More Details

l More professional

Electric device assembly, strong and weak electric separation.

l More simple

Dust-proof, anti-static interference, good heat dissipation, easy to maintain.

l More convenient

Easy to detect circuit faults and repairs.

l More safe

Independent of machine equipment, reduce equipment operation interference.

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