Wellcome to RightMech

    Shandong Rightmech Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the research and development, production and sales of air compressor. It is a company specialized in providing air compressor solution for users' factories.

The products include permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor, double-stage permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor, special air compressor for laser cutting, oil-free air compressor, mobile air compressor, low and middle pressure air compressor, centrifugal air compressor and compressed air purification equipment, etc. And the products come with CE, FDA, ISO9001 ect. And popular in South Korea, India, Myanmar, Turkey, Australia, Ukraine, Brazil and other countries.


What Our Customer Say About Us

  • "The machine with the protective casing looks environmentally friendly, and it not only protects the machine itself, but also ensures the safety of our operation itself."