After Sale Services

    Business communication→Customer visiting→Layout design→Sign contract→Foundation design & Manufacturing→Inspection&No material testing→Installation→Commissioning

    ■    Business communication.

    Before your visiting, we will firstly communicate your basic requirements, detailed confirmation.

    ■    You visit our factory

    You will come to check our manufacturing. And we show you the running plant, manufacturing workshop, our team and strength, for you to understand this project and our professional.

    ■    Designing the initial Layout

    We will design the initial layout and design production line configuration for your project, so you can know the land you need and your investment on machinery .

    ■    Foundation Drawing 

    We will design the foundation for you, and provide within 15 days after confirming order. Then you start foundation accordingly.

    ■    Inspection 

    After finishing manufacturing for you, we will inform by advance, then you can come to inspect the order.

    ■    loading plan & package

    We will design loading qty many times, so as to save your sea freight.

    1. Firstly use plastic film to wrap and cover the machine; 

    2. Then pack small parts in plywood box.

    3. Marked with required label or shipping mark.

    4. Use steel wire rope to fix in the container, so as to avoid damage because of moving.

    ■    Installation &commissioning 

    We will send engineers to install and testing your production line. Will provide training for your workers, teach them how to produce good quality finished products.

    ■    Adjust formula

    After installation, our engineers will test your production line with your raw material, and then provide the best formula for you. 

    ■    Value-Added Service

    We will prepare all this to help our customer running the production line

    1. Spare parts for free

    2. Spare parts list-Paid

    3. Installation tool list

    4. Operating manual

    ■    follow-up service

    After the completion of the project, we will continue to provide services to help customers purchase raw materials and accessories. If there is any problem in the production, we will give customers a satisfactory answer within 24 hours. If necessary, we will arrange engineers to help customers solve the problem on site.